There is more to fascinating museum exhibits than what meets the eye.

In Australia, Melbourne is the cultural centre with a plethora of museums and art galleries. According to the state government of Victoria, over 10 million Melbournians visit various museums, art galleries, heritage sites and monuments each year.

Museums and galleries are a window to our history. They provide an opportunity to bring the past to the present by showcasing artifacts and relics in their former glory by enhancing their unique features and attributes while protecting them for eternity. And, there is more to museum exhibitions than meets the eye. Museum showcases are built to present, conserve, and preserve valuable art, antiquities, jewelry, and collectibles to be viewed in the best possible environment.

High-quality museum showcases and display cases are designed to present the items in a timeless, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing manner. They maintain a perfect balance between offering the optimum viewing accessibility protecting the precious items from exterior elements and ensuring long-term preservation, which is paramount when engineering the perfect museum showcase.

Have you ever wondered where those showcases come from?

Tucked away in the dynamic suburb of Braeside, European Museum Technology (EMT) has grown into a business like no other. EMT engineers design and fabricate fascinating museum showcases. They have been developing and building many museum showcases that protect some of the world’s most valuable antiquities and gallery pieces for over 20 years.

Architects and mechanical engineers worldwide revere Gerhard Mayer and his engineering team EMT to coordinate large-scale cultural projects, Art Galleries, and Museums. The engineering team at EMT designs museum showcases, pays close attention to every detail and oversees projects from start to finish worldwide. EMT has also built a solid reputation for delivering and installing architectural glass over the last two decades.

EMT ensures its showcases exceed the highest aesthetic and conservation standards by using museum-grade laminated glass products with maximum ultraviolet protection, abrasion resistance, and anti-reflective, anti-static, and shatter-resistant properties. Exhibit designers, conservation and fine art professionals, and architects worldwide have relied on European Museum Technology’s expertise and superb craftsmanship.

Recent local projects that EMT takes pride in are the Robert Menzies Institute in Melbourne, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart and the Auckland War Museum in New Zealand.

EMT also made waves internationally and contributed to iconic museums and galleries such as the Asian Civilization Museum and the National Library in Singapore, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Saudi Arabia, and the art Displays at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

In addition to their work in the world’s most iconic museums and galleries, European Museum Technology works with private collectors, preserving valuable collections and art in residences, offices and even private yachts.

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