Baketico offers a diverse range of artisanal bread, handmade sweets, expertly crafted coffee, and Raymond Capaldi’s renowned Wonder Pies.

Baketico is an artfully curated bakery and larder store offering Raymond Capaldi’s renowned Wonder Pies, expertly crafted coffee, a diverse range of artisanal bread, handmade sweets, salads, and delicious grab-and-go deli produce, including pizza, lasagne, pâté and terrines.

The stores are designed to build a sense of community amongst locals by creating a go-to destination featuring locally sourced, handmade products and dedicated service. There are six stores across Melbourne, thoughtfully placed from north to south to ensure you’re always close to a coffee made with specialty roasted beans or Melbourne’s best-voted sausage roll.

Famous for their pies, vegan desserts, gluten-free range and the classics like donuts, vanilla slices and Croque monsieur, you will be delighted by their choices and the warm welcome you will receive.

383 Bay Street

Port Melbourne