Akana in South Melbourne is wrapping your feet in centuries of tradition and heritage, with a modern twist.

Founded in 2020 by Serenay Isiklar and Can Isiklar, Akana celebrates artisanal techniques, centuries of Turkish heritage design, and genuinely slow fashion with its range of handmade leather shoes and sandals. Committed to comfort and quality, Akana shoes and sandals are made to last, becoming a staple in your shoe collection. With an extensive range of classic and vibrant hues and exciting prints, there’s something for everyone at Akana. These high-quality, comfortable, unisex and minimalist shoes suit all occasions.

About their shoes

Driven by heirloom shoe-making techniques unique to the town Gaziantep in the south-eastern region of Turkey, Akana shoes are proudly handmade by 4th generation artisans in an ancient grand bazaar alongside other traditional craft ateliers; each pair of Akanas is cut and sewn entirely by hand – the same way they were 600 years ago.

The proprietary double stitching technique using beeswaxed cotton twine is just one element that makes Akana shoes unique. The Akanas are also created entirely using genuine and natural leather, apart from a more recent addition of rubber soles to protect the hand stitching and increase the shoes’ durability. A cobbler can easily replace the rubber soles, ensuring years of use from a single pair of Akana shoes. As a bonus, the leather will develop a gorgeous patina as it ages over the years.

The full-grain leather material of each shoe aids in ventilation and breathability, making them perfect for warm weather. Akana uses premium full-grain leather made of natural cowhide for the uppers and lining.

The secret to the incomparable comfort of Akana shoes is in its midsole – made from water buffalo skin tanned with ancient zero-chemical techniques. The midsole begins moulding to the exact shape of your feet within the first few years, creating a unique footbed. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they get.

About their sandals

Akana has expanded the product range by adding Greek Sandals, handcrafted in a Mediterranean town, Bodrum/Turkey. This city’s history of sandal-making dates back to ancient Greek civilizations. Akana is very proud to collaborate with 3rd generation master artisans to design and create their sandals.

Like their shoes, Akana sandals are handcrafted using traditional techniques and only with high-quality genuine leather. They use French leather sole and A-grade full-grain leather for uppers, providing comfort and longevity.

Akana believes knowing each and every artisan in person on the production line makes it stand out and notable. This also allows customers to appreciate their products even more.

Store 229, South Melbourne Market

South Melbourne